Snowy’s First Fox Hunt

My day began at 3:30am. I arrived at the barn early to get Snowy ready for his first fox hunt! His white hindquarters acted as a beacon when I went to find Snowy in his field. The stars were out and there was a light mist on the land. I enjoyed a few peaceful moments with Snowy under the stars, then we headed to the barn, got ready, got into the trailer, and we were off. Lacy (my friend and the wonderful barn manager where I board Snowy) was hauling us and also going to hunt. She’s a pro, so I was thankful to have her guidance. I’ve hunted only a handful of times, and this was Snowy’s very first time. 

We were hunting with the Warrenton Hunt (for which my mom used to whip in!), and we were the first to arrive, parking in a bucolic meadow, the sun still not above the horizon. Others arrived and then came the hounds. They bounded right toward me and Snowy as they were let out, and Snowy remained quite calm, observing them without getting worked up. Lacy and I remained in the back, allowing Snowy to figure things out. We went through fairytale-like woods and meadows, water crossings, and rolling hills. Snowy got some good exposure to the hounds, a couple good gallops, and had to learn to just stop and wait. The stopping and waiting was the hardest part for Snowy. With a little more practice, Snowy will be just fine and will learn to savor the stops, kind of like how yogis learn to savor downward dog as a resting pose. Snowy tried hard, and I’m so pleased with that. Snowy had his green moments, but breathing and circles (lots of circles) saved us and made it a positive experience overall—and so much fun! I’m so proud of Snowy and looking forward to our next hunt!